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Revisor goes through all the selected clips and checks the file name of each clip. The clip will be ignored and deselected if it does not have a version tag or file name. Clips that are already at the requested version are also deselected and ignored.

Versions of a clip need to be in the same disk folder as the selected clip. Subfolders are currently ignored.

Naming Conventions

File names need to have a version tag to get recognised. Version tags need to have an uppercase V or lowercase v followed by a number.

Here are some examples of recognized version tags:

Besides the version, Revisor will match the rest of the file name. If the file name is the exact same with a different version number, it’s considered another version of that clip.

So is another version of Whereas (note the matte) is considered to be a different plate.

Replacing Timeline Clips

By default, Revisor will replace the project item which will replace all clips across all sequences.

If you want to keep the current version of a clip, you can uncheck the Replace Project Item from the panel menu. This will import each requested version and replace the selected clips on the timeline. The imported version will be placed in the same project bin (folder) as the selected clip’s project item.

If the requested version already exists in the project it will be used instead of being imported again.

Supported Footage Items

The following footage items are supported:

Sequences, multicam- and merged clips are ignored. Contact support if you’d like to see sequences supported.

Image sequences will be supported soon.


If a clip has proxies attached, Revisor will search and use the proxy with the same version as the clip. If not, proxies are disabled so you will always see the correct version. Versions of a proxy should be in the same disk folder as the one attached to the selected clip and should follow the same naming conventions.

License Agreement

Please read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before you purchase Revisor.

By purchasing and using a copy of Revisor you agree without reservation to be bound by the terms of the EULA. If you do not agree with the terms of the EULA, please do not purchase or use a copy of Revisor.


Contact support if anything is unclear or you’re running into issues.


1.0.0 - 2022-09-29